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Digital Sign-Ins

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Digital sign-in saves time and tedious data entry, funnels leads into your CRM and ensures follow-up

Automate Your Open Houses + Increase ROI.
CORE provides the resources, tools and integrations you need to succeed. This company-provided solution gives our agents a system to capture every high-quality lead, resources to run better open houses, and the assurance that no opportunity will slip through the cracks.

Digital Open House Sign-In & Automated Follow-Up Emails, Integrated with Your CORE CRM 
Utilize our open house sign-in app and automatic follow-up emails to maximize your efficiency. This lead-capture tool integrates with our CORE CRM so every contact and their info is synced for ongoing follow-up and nurturing. 

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A Faster, Easier Way to Make Branded, Professional Videos

Now more than ever, video and mobile are important elements to any effective real estate marketing strategy. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices understands this completely, and has teamed up with VideoBuzz to empower all our network members with a way to create sophisticated videos … in only minutes. This amazing product is brought to you – free of charge.​


video production platform

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