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Our agents aren't just working.

They are thriving.

Real estate is more than a job to us. It’s a chosen family path that has brought
with it great promise, fulfillment and rewards. Building a successful real estate business means serving your clients and community with an eye towards longevity, and we take pride in doing this well and helping our agents achieve the same. We are proud of our history, and even more excited about our future.


In November 2018, we undertook a huge initiative to revamp our tools, systems and commitment to our agents. While we never could have imagined a scenario like the one real estate is facing today, during Covid-19, it has prepared us well. The honest truth ...  there is no brokerage in Upstate South Carolina more prepared for the challenges we are currently facing. And there are no agents better equipped to handle them.

The real difference maker for us is engagement. We commit to being engaged in helping you grow as a professional and to being engaged in helping you grow your business. Personal and professional growth are lead measures of success, and we stand poised to provide unsurpassed coaching, training, support and tools that are among the best in the industry. After all, when you succeed, our entire family, our clients and our community succeed, as well. All of this is wrapped in a corporate culture that feels like… home.

Thank you for investing your time in getting to know our company, its history,
its commitments and its people. We invite you to join our family. Our brand is
something you will be proud to see by your name, and we would be honored
to see it there.


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President & CEO

Danny Joyner


Executive Vice President

David Crigler

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